About SSE Angel Network

SSE Angel Network Members mentor, support and invest in founders (especially those in the South-South/South-East, Nigeria) building innovative businesses that provide jobs, opportunities and contribute to the prosperity and development of our Country.

Why SSE Angel Network

The South-South/South-East regions combine as the hydrocarbon base of the nation and a pool of some of the most entrepreneurial minded young people in the country. With over 50 Universities graduating thousands of young people annually, supporting the brightest of them will go a long way in creating much needed jobs in the region. Connecting all of these dots gives a savvy angel investor early access to an unfolding explosion of innovation and wealth.

The most important thing we give out founders isn’t money. We provide mentorship and access market. Typically, SSE angels invest in post revenue teams. Occasionally, members could invest in pre-revenue ideas, so you should still apply

Why Join SSEAN

Joining SSEAN gives you a front row seat to discover early stage innovative businesses and support them just before they become commercially successful. This means getting potentially significant returns on investment while contributing to the development of the regions. If you’re interested, click here to join.

How We Invest

SSEAN does not invest directly into businesses – only members can. SSEAN is sector agnostic (though we have a bias for tech startups). Post traction startups that already established product-market-fit at the very early stage and looking to scale are encouraged to apply.


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Portfolio Showcase
Trove Finance


Kuda Bank

Alphotazi Farms

Alphotazi Farms is a modular Cassava processing company currently operating out of a village in Benue but based in Nsukka.

GreenAge Technologies

Greenage technology (greenagetech.com) is an inverter and Solar Panel Original Equipment Manufacturers based in Enugu.

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