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2021 Nigerian Angel Investment Landscape Preview

Join Olumide Soyombo – one of Nigeria’s prolific Angel Investor with portfolios that include some the country’s top rated Startups like Paystack, PiggyVest, Trove, Brass, Mono, Lemonade to name just a few.

Angel Investing: Understanding Syndicates

Angel Networks by definition makes it possible for different individuals to collectively invest personal funds in early stage Startups. However, the structures and operational exigencies differ from Network to Network. While some invest directly from a pool of Members contributed fund as an entity, others structure deals through syndicates. Most of African Angel Networks under […]

Event: Post COVID-19 African Angel Investment Landscape Forecast

Event Review Event Description COVID-19 is expected to impact heavily on the global economy with many analysts forecasting a major recession ahead.  According to the World Bank’s Africa’s Pulse, Sub-Saharan Africa region will see economic growth reverse and plunge to between -2.1% to as low as -5.1% this year due to the COVID-19 global crisis. […]


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