Angel Investing: Understanding Syndicates

Angel Networks by definition makes it possible for different individuals to collectively invest personal funds in early stage Startups. However, the structures and operational exigencies differ from Network to Network. While some invest directly from a pool of Members contributed fund as an entity, others structure deals through syndicates. Most of African Angel Networks under African Business Angel Network ( fall into this later category. SSE Angel Network (SSEAN) belong to this category and this session will discuss in details how a deal process through an Angel Syndicate works.

It will cover topics such as forming a deal syndicate, Legal backing for a syndicate, Funding, Operation, Members responsibility and Lifespan.

Uche Aniche and Odunoluwa Longe will be speaking during the Masterclass.

Session is Free and open to members of the public but registration is required.

June 25, 2020

1800 (W.A.T)



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